Why is your engagement important

European electricity markets today are undergoing great changes. The amount of renewable energy is increasing sharply, energy consumption is growing while the conventional thermal power plants are being phased out to reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate climate change.

Electricity prices are more volatile than ever. This creates opportunity for ordinary power consumers to cut their energy costs as well as to generate new income while at the same time helping the environment.

In 2050, the goal is that all energy sectors in Denmark must be supplied entirely by renewable energy. Since wind energy is the primary source in Denmark for renewable energy, it is desired to increase the consumption of energy when it is windy and increase opportunities for balancing the grid to reach this goal.

Need for balancing

Larger amounts of production from wind turbines and solar plants intensify the amount of fluctuations in the grid, which causes an increasing need for system balancing services. The current providers of such services are the conventional power plants that are being phased out. Therefore, there is a need for alternatives to provide these system balancing services and a need for new actors who can deliver capacity balancing – such as an aggregator representing owners of flexible electricity consumption, production and storage resources.