The role of aggregator

EConGrid is an aggregator – a new player on energy markets that uses smart grid technology to connect flexible consumers to the markets. This enables consumers to earn money on their flexibility, which would otherwise be unused outside the market.

Current market structure is built for large power actors and requires a threshold volume of minimum 10 MW in order to bid in energy markets. Smaller consumers, who do not have sufficient volume and therefore have no possibility of direct market access can get access to the market only through an aggregator.

Aggregator pools several smaller consumers into larger aggregated clumps that are sold on existing power markets or through bilateral agreements. Revenue from trading is shared between the aggregator and the consumers.

Aggregator thus provides a great solution for the customers, who neither have sufficient volume nor knowledge and expertise to trade their flexibility on their own.

Flexible assets have a great value on energy markets. EConGrid’s customers can fully utilize that potential.