Our competences

EConGrid is an innovative and fast-moving interdisciplinary team grounded in technical knowledge, who has its eyes on market developments. We deliver best-in-class services founded in the following key competences:

• Data analysis and forecasting of electricity consumption, production and storage
• Identifying flexible consumption in assets and processes
• Provision of balancing energy, ancillary services and portfolio optimization
• Coupling value streams of different business cases

We manage flexible assets of various types and adapt our solution to various industries.

Industrial production sites

Industriel Produktion



Cold stores




Power generators


Waste water treatment plants


Heat pumps & other pumps


HVAC systems


Lighting systems


Our flexibility services include forecasting the volume of available flexibility, technically operating equipment to control it, metering and settlement of the delivered flexibility, trading and other specialized services. We move beyond a simple energy management – we help you discover your energy strategy.

EnergyConnector is a control box enabling precise metering and collection of your energy consumption data. EnergyConnector exists in a wall-mounted version and a 19’ rack mounted version.

EnergyCloud is a cloud-based solution that analyses a number of vital data on energy markets, forecasts prices and your own energy consumption to sell it in the right time for the right price on the market. EnergyCloud brings together all flexible assets in our portfolio in order to optimize their performance and ensure their best utilization on the market.