Energinet Pilot Project

Energinet Pilot Project: New technologies on the market

EConGrid has, together with its sister company Energy Cool, been chosen to participate in a pilot project for integration of new technologies in system services markets. The pilot project has been launched by the Danish system operator Energinet.dk and runs in the period 2016/01 – 2017/08.

The purpose of the pilot project is to give market actors and Energinet.dk experience with, how new technologies, market requirements and market rules successfully work together. Participants in the pilot project have already developed technology for delivering system services but they experience challenges for market participation under the current market rules and requirements. The project therefore helps to identify barriers for exploitation of flexibility in the market and to collect input for the future market design.

In the project, EConGrid works towards defining rules for baseline calculation and online measuring of flexible energy assets that deliver FRR-M. EConGrid collects online data concerning energy consumption and flexibility from selected sites, performs forecasts, tests and calculations as well as activations of system services. Collected data shall be used as a fundament for approval of aggregated assets as a reliable resource of regulating power.

Energinet.dk procures system services in order to ensure that production and consumption are balanced at all times and that power system remains stable in case of a failure. This ensures a high level of security of supply in Denmark. With the increasing amount of wind energy and thus more fluctuant production of power, Denmark has an increasing need to activate more flexibility from the consumption side.

About project partners

EConGrid is a specialized software company that controls assets with flexible energy consumption, production and storage. Energy Cool is a supplier of the most energy effective solutions for cooling of server- and technical rooms on the market. Energinet.dk owns and runs the Danish power and gas transmission networks, secures stability of the network and security of supply. Read more about Energinet.dk here: http://energinet.dk

For more information about the project you are welcome to contact Thomas Hune, CEO at tsh@econgrid.com.