EConGrid’s technology

EConGrid has developed a smart grid technology combining a unique hardware and software that enables your flexible assets to generate extra income for your business while at the same time providing control over your energy bills, valuable data on your energy consumption and opportunity to decrease your CO2 emissions.

EConGrid’s technology is designed to seamlessly control, monitor and communicate with your flexible assets. It provides a complete overview of all information about live and historical consumption of your assets. It can work with any type of flexible assets such as industrial sites, pumps, motors, fans and coolers, PVs, generators, storages, HVAC and lighting systems and can be adapted to your individual needs. Our team of highly specialized software development experts has a deep understanding of the value that online data provide to flexible asset management.

EnergyCloud provides you an access to real-time electricity consumption data of your sites and a transparent background for taking action in improving your energy performance. Our technology has been tested and evaluated by the Danish transmission system operator