Project CASHPump

Commercial Forecasting and Aggregation of SME Heat Pumps

EUDP supported project CASHPump aims to transform technical potential of intelligent control of heat pumps (HP) into its commercial solution to benefit SME HP-owners, aggregator, balance responsible parties (BRP) and transmission system operators (TSO).

CASHPump combines a unique hardware setup with forecasting techniques integrated into an existing portfolio of regulating power, operated by the independent aggregator EConGrid. Successful execution unlocks an income source for SME owners of HP by connecting them to increasingly attractive market with regulating power through an aggregator. TSO and BRP are offered a quick and reliable source of clean regulating power, decreasing the need of substantial investments in (idle) capacity.

Project CASHPump is built on the partnership between an independent aggregator (EConGrid), supplier of heating services (EWII Energi) and university (DTU Compute). CASHPump has received financial support from Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP), which supports new energy technologies that contribute to fulfillment of Danish objectives for green energy and climate.

Project CASHPump runs in the period 2016/10 – 2018/10.

For more information about the project, you are welcome to contact Thomas Hune, CEO at or Stanislava Bøgeskov-Jensen, project manager at