Becoming a customer at EConGrid

Your access to energy markets includes these simple steps:

1. Analysis. EConGrid analyses flexibility potential, technical features and operation patterns of your assets, whether it is consumption, production or storage of energy. Together we define possibilities for installation of our control equipment on your assets.

2. Test. Control equipment is installed on one or more of your sites and integrated into our EnergyCloud software. Equipment is fine-tuned and tested, data from your sites are collected and analyzed further to assess the full potential and possible earnings.

3. Approval. After clarifying details on your assets, we sign a cooperation agreement on trading your flexibility. When the complete system is installed and data collected, EConGrid ensures formal approval from the transmission system operator for participation of your assets in energy markets.

4. Operation. EConGrid ensures trading of your flexibility on energy markets, monitoring, safe operations of the control system and payment of your revenues on your bank account.

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