About EConGrid

EConGrid manages energy assets with flexible electricity consumption, production and storage for business and public sector. Applying our highly-specialized business solutions, we are active in aggregation, data analysis, forecasting, operation and trading of flexibility across several markets in Europe.

EConGrid is a part of EC Group and was established in 2015 to utilize the Group’s experience with flexibility inherent in heating and cooling processes. Our HQ are located in Fredericia, Denmark where we currently have 10 employees.

Our solution is a part of the smart grid – an intelligent power system that is one of the basic preconditions for a continued large-scale transition to green energy sources. At the heart of EConGrid’s solution is the software that gathers a large number of business consumers and controls them so they act as one big consumer in the market.

Our vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading niche players on the European market for management of flexible power assets. Our fundamental attitude is that we can do the things we set our minds to. Although we are a young company, we are proud to be a part of making a great difference. We have very ambitious goals for this year, where we demonstrate our solution on a commercial basis after a period of intensive testing.